Lalou Kraffe


First, observe. Sometimes to the point of stubbornness, always, it doesn't matter, whether it's the world around me, scents, a loving whisper, a fabric, a giggle, a reminiscence, a melody or you or the one who passes by, who enters the studio,... I love using my gaze, my feelings and my emotions as a prism that collects the precious essence of all these observations and gives birth to "beauty" such as it is built and refined over the years in my heart of hearts.

Each work draws its strength from the constant application of classic artistic techniques and the use of contemporary tools or materials that grow and enrich over time. An experience that gradually constitutes a real signature, a real DNA. Every painting is the subject of sketches in notebooks, sometimes carried out over several years. Almost everything from the Boulle school is registered and carefully recorded in the notebooks.

The line is always serene, I never work in a laborious way, I want to be both technical & spontaneous, overflowing & orderly. Demanding, my works must beyond the "applied" side, give us pleasure, make you smile, amuse me, move you, relieve me... And if you perceive it, fill your head & heart with the "beautiful" that animates me.


  • Boulle School, Applied Arts, Paris XII
  • Duperré School, Paris III
  • 1995, first exhibition
  • 2003, arrival in Brittany and presentation of works in galleries and fairs (France, Europe).
  • 2007, Installation of the workshop in Auray (Brittany)


Contemporary art fairs and galleries
Paris, Luxembourg, Brussels, Metz, Mulhouse...
Pont-Aven, Paris, Liège, Lyon, Geneva, Toulouse...
Private collections
United States - Japan - Belgium - Switzerland - United Kingdom - New Zealand - United Arab Emirates - Russia…